Blade Services has been providing professional bakery services since 1975.


In 1986, we bought Blade Services and began specialising in resharpening bread slicer blades & providing the sharpest new blades to bakeries throughout Oceania (Australia, Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea) 


During the last 35 years, we have provided valuable blade services to hundreds of valued clients, helping them to deliver the perfect sliced loaf of bread everyday. As at 1st May 2021, we're focusing on supplying quality new bread slicer blades to our valued customers. We no longer providing bread slicer blade resharpening service.


We pride ourselves in our specialised & personal service. If you have any questions, or issues, simply call us, and we will take care of it.


We look forward to helping your bakery deliver the best sliced bread!


Mark & Julie Ireland

Blade Services Australia new and resharpen resharpened bread slicer blade blades for bakery bakeries